How may times have you said, “Someday I’m going to______”? How many times have you said, “I’d like to _____”? I know I have used those phrases more that I care to admit. I now know what is so wrong with them . I’ll share that with you.

First, lets start with “someday”. Take a look at a calendar, any calendar from any year it doesn’t matter. Tell me what the days are on it. Do you have a calendar that has a someday? I’ve searched all of mine and they all seem to have the same days – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. No someday. Why? Someday is an excuse, plain and simple. Someday, I’m going to get a better job. Someday, I’m going to lose 20 pounds. Someday, I’m going to take a family vacation. Someday, I’m going to run a marathon. Yep, excuses. What’s wrong with making the decision that your someday, begins today? Do you really want a better job, lose weight, vacations, run a marathon or whatever it might be? When you make the decision to do something about this lingering “someday”, it is going to require action. That action is going to cause a reaction. With determination, focus and a plan it’s easy to turn someday into today – what are you waiting for?

The early bird gets the worm, everyone else, gets what’s left.

Now, lets look at, “I’d like to ___”. Any ideas about this? This is what it is……a wish list. You aren’t going to do anything about this. It’s a wish, a dream, a fantasy, a myth. Whatever you fill in that blank with is going to require effort. Most likely a lot of effort and it won’t be easy. So, the I’d like to start my own business, lose weight, vacation in the south of France, earn an extra $1,000 this month, have a savings account, have my own home are all dreams and wishes until YOU decide to do something about it. When that magical moment happens, your “I’d like to ____” becomes “I will ___”

We will either find a way, or make one. ~ Hannibal

Well, now that you are thinking about things. Let me throw this at you:

1. Looking back at your life 10 years ago, are you where you wanted to be today?

2. Look ahead 10 years from today, where will you be? (If you don’t make changes, you will be in exactly the same situations)

Need help getting there? Let me give you a few things that might help:

  • Raise your standards – no longer accept things the way that they are
  • Change your limiting beliefs – no more can’t, impossibles, these become cans, wills, possibles
  • Change your strategy – find someone that is already doing what you want to do, find out what has worked for them, then fine-tune it to your own personality.

I am personally working on all of my “somedays”, they have become my today’s. Today I am working on my own business, my health, a savings account, owning my own home, saving for vacations and making that extra $1,000 a month. I will be successful. I have partnered with an incredible company that will allow me to accomplish all of these things.